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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Printing on Linux

Alex said

> Actually that's not quite true. We do output gradfills as a 
> postscript procedure. It's in essence a sequence of clipped 
> rectangles.

That's good. Suggests it should be quite easy to replace that procedure
with one that output proper grad fills.

If all the fill types have a PS procedure that would be great. I think
Gavin said that all existing fill types can be done in a vector
(resolution independent) way in Postscript now.

The filter system has a nice ability to rasterise any complex fill type
to a bitmap filled shape. So it retains the vector outlines but just
fills the interior of the shape with a bitmap.  But that's the filter
system. Not sure how easy it would be to make the printing system use
this feature.

Anyway, very good news that printing might be a lot easier than we