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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] EPS export

Gerry Iles wrote:
Well, it shouldn't interfere with anything really.  The various internal
filters shouldn't interfere at all with the plugin ones.


I suspect that the largest issue with the postscript related code will
be that it does some bad things with char/TCHARs (e.g. it uses ascii
strings for most things but then calls stuff that takes a TCHAR* passing
a char*).  On our Unicode builds this is going to fall over in a pretty
big heap...  These problems may be due in part to strangeness in the
tokenisation handling in CCLexFile...

Yeah. I am converting it to use TCHAR everywhere except for the file
header checking. Seems the easiest way.

Yes, PS printing will also need lots of the kernel-y PS stuff to be


My current problem is that EPSExportDC is derived from CCDC which
in turn is derived from wxDC. This has so many pure virtuals
(many tens of them) that I can't see how this is ever meant to
work. In the windows build it seems to be derived from CDC,
which I am guessing is somehow not full of pure virtuals.

How are you handling this with your filter code?