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On licences and projects (was [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Success)

On 13/06/06, Alex Bligh <alex@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I am getting outwith today's problem and may be speaking about things
> I don't fully understand, but I will agree with you 100%.
> o Yes, it does break things
> o I have no particular view on the wxWidget licence - Does it really
>  interfere with commercial operation or use of the code?
>  If there is an actual or potential incompatibility with the GPL,
>  however, this is most serious!

Yes. One is a modified LGPL. One is GPL. Also, Xara have joint
copyright in stuff in the main directories (people have signed
contributor agreements) but not in wxXtra.

Well, I have posted several weeks ago on the GPL and made a promise to
myself that I would not do so again, so I am simply responding out of
courtesy and if you need to, you will have the last word on this. I am
quite happy to use, say, the GPL; and to observe the terms of any
other licences that are needful. I repeat that I don't really have a
view on this, but it does seem that we must take some care that
anything that we need to import, link to Xara LX and deliver, must be
licensed by us and compatible with the GPL; and anything we write,
Xara should hold the copyright or there needs to be a licence which at
least allows commercial use and redistribution in modified form. This
might apply in the case of patches (and contributions) applied to
wxXtra code, but I am not saying this this so.

If the bottom line is that for convenience, separate projects should
be created for non-GPL code then we should do this, and with respect,
now would be the best time to do so.

> [ snip ]
> o We should consider spinning it off as an entirely separate project,
>  cognate to the wxWindows (sic) project file

If you mean "separate XCode project file" that's just fine. ...

I don't really have a view on this, and perhaps it would be best if
there was simply a decision from Gaddesden Place; I would be tempted
to create the separate project, but I not claiming that this is a
necessity or particularly urgent.

> o At the time of writing, creating a separate project looked the best
>   thing to do right now; and I proposed doing this and submitting the patch.

... that should be 'target' rather than 'project' but I don't think
that the sense is altered.


ob. Code: I am mildly stuck trying to compile code that refers to
wxDockInfoArray . Is there anything I am likely ot have done wrong?