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[XaraXtreme-dev] Paths in the *.bz file


I unpacked the xaralx0.5_rev1319.tar.bz2 to $HOME/scratch/.
If I now run $HOME/scratch/bin/xaralx and try to play the video, it does
not work and I see in the xterm:

execvp(/home/tob/scratch/xaralx/share/xaralx/bin/mplayer, -slave,
failed with error 2!

- mplayer is at ./bin/mplayer and not at ./share/xaralx/bin/mplayer
- the video is in ./video and not in ./share/xaralx/video/

I have another problem with (/usr/)./share/xaralx/bin:
According to the File Hierarchy Standard, the "/usr/share hierarchy is
for all read-only architecture independent data files" only.

Thus I would expect /usr/share/xaralx/ for Example files, the videos
etc. but
/usr/lib/xara/ for architecture-dependent files such as mplayer.

 * * *

Another observation completely unrelated: In File|Export -> File type, I
get an empty string as last possible selection (File|Import is ok).
Choosing that filter shows an error stating the the filter couldn't be