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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] XaraLX-0.5r1292.tar.bz2 rerolled

Alex Bligh wrote:

This only affects the 'latest' binary tar archive and 'latest'
autopackage builds. The source packages, and all recommended releases of
the binary, shouldn't change.

I don't want to seem obstreperous, but the 0.5 release cycle showed
exactly the opposite was true. The release tgz got modified twice (IIRC),
I can't remember the cause of one of the mods, but the other was that the
AMD64 & PPC builds of gdraw had not been correctly added. In both case
the numbered build .tgz did not accurately reflect the svnversion. I'm
not trying to criticize how we do things here, because I know it's difficult
to get releases right especially without doing a release fork, but for
external people if we are going to have any long term hope of reliable
debugging, we really must either
a) Be able to get back from a single svnversion to a canonical binary
  (this implies not changing ANYTHING on the build server outside
  an svn revision);
I think the existing build script really needs to be split into 2 halves:-
1) A bootstrap that checks a fresh copy out of SVN (possibly after cleaning build area) and then passes control to...
2) The actual build script that lives in SVN.

This would mean that any real building is controlled by a script that can be reverted to the same revision as the source code that is being built. Also as a nice side effect a change to the script will result in a change to the SVN version number.