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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] String lenght in forgein languages


--On 16 June 2006 01:12 +0200 Séverin Lemaignan <skadge@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm still on the french translation, and a small issue appeared : some
strings are much longer in french than in english, and are sometimes
cut. It's particulary the case in the "Options" dialog, which is not
resizable (cf attached screenshot). Can you do something about it ?

Nearly all the current dialogs were imported in "static" form from
the windows resources where the position and size of each control
are fixed. They need to be converted to use wxWindows sizer-based layout
so they will size around the strings themselves. The colour editor does
does this, as does (I think) the bitmap export options dialog.

It's quite easy to do this, but will be even easier in a week or so
when Julian Smart releases DialogBlocks v3, as it imports and maintains
our custom controls.

This also has the advantage that the dialogs can lose some of their
oversized look.

We'd be very keen for any help you can give converting the dialogs over
(you don't need programming knowledge per-se), but even if you can't
do this, don't think your efforts in translating will be wasted as
they will (eventually) be done.