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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Arbitrary EPS/PS/PDF import & Cairo

Explain this one. What's the relationship between Cairo and Ghostscript?

Or are you saying that Ghostscript can / does use Cairo as a rendering
side, and that somehow we use that to drive an importer.... Hhmm, no I
don't see that. Putting an alternative backend on Ghostscript that
outputs to Gerry's filter system I could certainly see as a way of
getting arbitrary PS imported. But can't see how Cairo would come into


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> It seems to me with Gerry's new filter system, with Carl's 
> threatened Cairo based importer we could use a Cairo 
> Ghostscript backend and import any arbitrary EPS/PS/PDF file. Wow.
> (OK, so we wouldn't get grouping information etc. but better 
> than nothing).
> Alex