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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Printing

Phil Martin wrote:

If we dynamically link to libgnomeprintui what does the user see when
wxWidgets has been built --with-gnome-print but libgnomeprintui is not

FYI: The tweaks to the gnomeprintui dialog I had in mind were quite
* Hide the "Jobs" tab
* Hide the "Print Preview" button
* Change the "Print" button to "OK"
* Change the dialog title
Quite simple - not too cute.

If/when GDK/GTK printing arrives it might still be advantageous for us
to use our own print dialog for all the reasons I cited before.

If the support for the print dialog in wx is anything like the support the for 'save as' dialog, even that much will be like extracting blood from a stone (and looking at the documentation page it looks like it is). This is partly because there is not an easy platform neutral way to allow the sort of customization you want.