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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] No page rulers in LX

The code to toggle the display of the rulers should be very easy to get
working (some of it is already done in the CCamView class).   The code
for rendering the rulers will be more work but mainly involves
translating lots of old MFC drawing code into the wx equivalent so it
still shouldn't be too difficult.


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Martin W is adding support for margins and tabs into the text handling
in Xara LX. The proposal is that we'll use the existing page ruler, as
the UI for showing and setting margins and tabs.  So if you have the
cursor in a text story and have page rulers on then you'll see the tab
stops for this story (specifically for the selected region or the cursor

This is the simplest way to go for now, rather than inventing some new
floating rulers.

BUT we've just discovered that Xara LX does not have ruler rendering
working yet.

So does anyone fancy having a go at this? Is it likely to be easy /