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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] XCode - The main goal ( was Re: Concerning wxrc)

Hi Ben,

Since the current xcode project in SVN doesn't "go all the way" it's a
moot point whether we consider it a Deployment(deliverable) build or
Personal build.

So let's define it to be Personal and document it as such. In which
case, I'd be very happy to receive your patch/patches and check them in
so that other people can build the program for themselves.

Re: Scaffolding and/or stepping stones: I favour providing scaffolding
for novice builders because experienced users can simply remove it or
ignore it.

Targetting Tiger only is OK at the moment - we can look at earlier
versions of OS X later on.

BTW: Creating a new document always loads a template document from disk.
Sounds like your build is failing to locate the right file. That'll
probably be an issue with "binreloc" on the Mac.


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> On 14/06/06, Phil Martin <phil@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> >
> > ... the main goal of simply getting the application to 
> build reliably.
> On Saturday, using an XCode-personal project (see previous), I built
> r1355 and it passed my current smoke test which is to open 
> Garden.xar, select and move a large number of objects, and 
> delete them.
> (My previous smoke test was to make a new document, this 
> fails with a message about the need to create a template - I 
> dare that this is by design).
> I can certainly provide you with a diff for the 
> project.pbxproj file within the project, IIRC it is about 
> 55kbyte in size, and so you might be very reluctant to apply 
> it and therefore consider time spent studying it to be 
> wasted. In brief, what needs doing is:
> 1. Fix up paths for wx include files
> 2. Remove a few paths that are specific to your system 3. 
> Change settings to 'Current' (instead of SDK) 4. Add a libxml 
> library 5. Create and build a wxXtra target 6. Add a few 
> files to the XaraLX target 7. Add a few files to the project
> That is all the heavy lifting that I believe to be necessary, 
> and it is not that heavy. It is possible that the creation of 
> the app bundle needs a few steps adding to the 'Copy files' 
> phase at the end, but this also will be straightforward once 
> you get to it (icons, plist, other resources?, libraries?). 
> The whole point about a XaraLx-personal is to weak link to 
> libraries on the current system. not necessarily to create a 
> 'deliverable'.
> I would suggest that we approach this either as using 
> scaffolding to support people who are wanting to do the build 
> - most importantly by providing pre-built binaries (such as 
> the wxrc tool) where creating them de novo is fiddly; or as 
> stepping stones - a series of steps that only get harder 
> progressively, so that less adept people can use a 'learning 
> curve' technique to get up to speed.
> (I will add that my latest build seems to be Tiger only, 
> which I don't believe is necessary; and I am not quite sure 
> why at this stage. Also, the unstripped binary seems to be 
> too large to fit onto one CD Rom, which is a pity).
> As always, bugs to Bugzilla so that steps taken to fix them 
> are recorded, discussions about development here and other 
> things on the Talkgraphics forums.
> Ben.
> > On 13 Jun 2006, at 13:15, Alex Bligh wrote:
> > >> However, the present objective is to get something 
> simple, working; 
> > >> and if turning off internationalisation helps, then I 
> will do this; 
> > >> but I would recommend that once we have more experience we throw 
> > >> away this work and replace it with something done correctly from 
> > >> the ground up. Not doing internationalisation does not conflict 
> > >> with the functional specification of getting something up and 
> > >> running which will work on the developer's machine so I am not 
> > >> claiming that this is cut and dried.
> > >
> > > All you should need to do is pass an extra flag or two to 
> > > buildresources.pl
> > >
> > >>> How (after all) do you pass in for instance the location of 
> > >>> buildresources.pl itself?
> > >> With a 'Run Script Build Phase' which is a six line 
> shell script, 
> > >> the last line of which is:
> > >> Scripts/build-resources.pl --topdir=$SOURCE_ROOT --version="9999"
> > >> --xgettext="skip"
> > >> --wxrc="/Users/phil/Code/wxMac-2.6.3/osx-build/utils/wxrc/wxrc"
> > >> --checksum="/sw/bin/md5sum"
> > >
> > > You don't need --checksum (md5sum is not used) You don't need 
> > > --xgettext="skip" (unless -i is passed it isn't used) You 
> don't need 
> > > --version="9999" (unless -n is passed for versioning) You don't 
> > > (right now) need --wxrc until you have -i for international
> > >
> > > Can we not assume wxrc etc are on the path, or do (e.g.)
> > >   --wxrc=$WXRC
> > > then set that up the same way you set up $SOURCE_ROOT