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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] GDraw bitmap width limit

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> Alex, did you fix this, or do I need to make some changes to CDraw?

I didn't fix it, but if it is a matter of just changing the
define, I can fix it.

> This comes down to an accuracy problem. CDraw uses fixed point maths
> polygon rendering with coordinates stored in a 32 bit value. This
> doesn't give enough accuracy with large bitmaps. (I've just seen the
> same problem in Ghostscript: using very large bitmaps causes long
> to end a few pixels out from where they should). It may be that I need
> to store coordinates using doubles instead of fixed point, but
> this will require a fair amount of rewriting of code, but this would
> allow a higher limit.
> Also the fixed maximum size of tables allows me to write faster code.
> don't need to keep pointers to tables such as scanline buffers and
> scanline indexes. Instead I can just index off of the "this" pointer
> hence requiring less registers (a major issue with GDraw). This will
> less of an issue with the Intel's new 64 bit processors with their 16
> general registers.

Right now I am only seeking to make it work the way Xtreme works, which
(according to Gerry) supports 16,384 pixel width bitmaps.

I appreciate there are tradeoffs (at least whilst we continue to use 32
bit coordinates) in terms of the size and code, and though I was hoping
to get to 32768, 16384 will do for the time being.

What I need is just confirmation that when CDraw/GDraw compiles on
Xtreme, MAXBITMAPSIZE is defined to be 16 (to give a 16k width). If
the case, I will make it work like that on LX too.

For my own interest, is the internal bitmap size limited to 2GB or 4GB
(i.e. do you ever treat offsets into the bitmap as signed)?