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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Problem with contours loading Groucho2.xar

--On 27 June 2006 13:01 +0100 Phil Martin <Phil@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

This sounds like exactly the same bug as BZ1192 which also only appeared
recently and whose sample doc worked when loaded into a version of LX
that had RGB/BGR issues (not sure which version).

I haven't got very far with it yet, except to ask Gavin and Gavin
suggests LX is passing CDraw bad data.

It does sound like the same issue: I can replicate BZ1192 on i386 debug
and not x86_64 debug, just like Gerry's problem.

I can't see it's likely to be /caused/ by RGB/BGR swap though - just
a contemporaneous change.