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[XaraXtreme-dev] Printing

Printing now sort of works, with the following caveats:
* Text is sent as curves to Postscript
* Printing the whole page as a bitmap doesn't yet work right (i.e.
 if you select the option in the output tab)
* The print UI is NOT the final UI - it's something to get the print loop
* It does not currently read things like page borders, page size, device
 resolution and hence doesn't remember the settings.

Testing would be appreciated. You can print to file (postscript) and
look at the result in Ghostscript using evince if you want to save trees.
I haven't found much difference from Camelot.

The PS routine which calculates the number of gradient steps in a grad
fill would appear to have a bug of some sort in it, which results in
far too few steps. The shadow on Probe.xar demonstrates this admirably.
It happens on Xtreme too. I have followed the PS through and whilst the
logic seems right to me, it uses a deprecated interface to get the
screen size - L2 compatibility just returns a fixed value. This makes
the bug particularly acute when viewing stuff on screen (where the
'real' screen size is a single pixel). It might be worth getting someone
who knows more postscript than me to look at this. The problem is
the use of "currentscreen" in NumSteps in Kernel/gradfill.ps.

I'm going to have a go at fixing printing as a bitmap (GRenderPrint blit
problems) next.