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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] New Ruler functions

On 29 Jun 2006, at 12:48, Martin Wuerthner wrote:

Not really. I have just finished all the formatting code to handle the
four tab types and added native saving/loading for tabs, so your ruler
work came just in time, very good.

Great. I'll be interested to hear how you're saving the tab info.

Drags on the ruler itself do not seem to do anything yet - is there a
reason why the code in CCamView::InvokeDragOp remains excluded?

Early stages - it will work real soon now.

The question is whether we want to allow non-current tools or
additional Kernel clients to use the ruler or just the current tool.
In the former case, we could have an abstract ruler client interface
and the guideline code would be one of its clients. In the latter
case, we could extend the existing guideline code to call the current
tool in advance, allowing it to claim click/drag events.

Good point about the guidelines already using mouse events. Guideline manipulation from the rulers should continue to work regardless of what tool is current. We could arrange for the Text tool to use different mouse events than the ones used by the guidelines so that guideline dragging still worked while the Text tool was current but that would be a bit bodgy. Sounds like we might need some sort of stacked Claim/Release system.

The current tool also needs to be able to change the origin of the
ruler, so the origin of the horizontal ruler is moved to the
horizontal position of the text line while the text tool is active and
the caret is in a text object.

That should be easy.