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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Exception on arrow keys

A release build built on my machine does not exhibit this problem.  Are
you sure you installed a recent enough version?  The fix I checked in
for this was r1382..


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Also, that xml error report has no symbols in...  I thought someone
fixed the autopackage building to not strip it...


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Charles Moir wrote:
> Is this xml error report what you want?
> If I attempt a recover, everything seems ok with LX afterwards (I wish
> had this feature on Xara Xtreme), except that if I make it generate
> error again I get no message or error report at all the 2nd time - the

> program just vanishes under me. Is that normal?

Well recovery isn't guaranteed to work perfectly (I do something pretty
disgusting to get the message loop running again) but in the general
case no it shouldn't disappear completely. I'll have a look at that
when I get a chance (I expect my reentrancy guard is a bit overzealous
as it quits completely rather than fill up the stack with error boxes).

To be fair, I haven't had much of a problem with Xtreme recovering from
this sort of thing either. I think it depends more on what causes
the error (a one of pointer dereference vs. some corrupted data
structure) than on the recovery code.