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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Exception on arrow keys

Strange, the executables built since 16-Jun should all have symbols in.
And they do according to nm. And you can see the file sizes are larger
than they would otherwise be.


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> Also, that xml error report has no symbols in...  I thought someone
> fixed the autopackage building to not strip it...
> Gerry
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> Charles,
> Charles Moir wrote:
> > Is this xml error report what you want?
> >
> > If I attempt a recover, everything seems ok with LX afterwards (I
> I
> > had this feature on Xara Xtreme), except that if I make it generate
> the
> > error again I get no message or error report at all the 2nd time -
> > program just vanishes under me. Is that normal?
> Well recovery isn't guaranteed to work perfectly (I do something
> disgusting to get the message loop running again) but in the general
> case no it shouldn't disappear completely. I'll have a look at that
> when I get a chance (I expect my reentrancy guard is a bit overzealous
> as it quits completely rather than fill up the stack with error
> To be fair, I haven't had much of a problem with Xtreme recovering
> this sort of thing either. I think it depends more on what causes
> the error (a one of pointer dereference vs. some corrupted data
> structure) than on the recovery code.
> Alex