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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] XPFilter-0.2 problems

The download on the website has now been updated.


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Thanks for this.  I'm not sure how the headers weren't present as I was
pretty sure I test built it from the distribution but I must have made a
silly mistake.

I'll post another message to the list once I've updated the distribution
on the web site...


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Subject: [XaraXtreme-dev] XPFilter-0.2 problems


in the previous days I was hacking a bit with the XPFilter-0.2 sample
downloaded from the xaraxtreme.org site.  I have found a few problems:

1) (trivial) configure.in Makefile.am README xpfilter.cpp xpfilterui.cpp
   have executable (chmod +x) flag set
2) (trivial) *.cpp files have CRNL line terminators instead of NL
3) xpfilter.h, xpfilterui.h and xpfilter.xml are not included into the
   distribution, probably because they were not included into the
   (i.e. "make dist" command packs an uncomplete distribution)
4) Makefile.am does not include an "uninstall" feature

I have uploaded a patch to http://www.kynosoft.com/xpfilter.patch
that solves 3) and 4) and includes a rewritten copy of xpfilter.h
xpfilterui.h and xpfilter.xml in case someone googles this message and
needs them.


P.S: Is the XPFilter sample stored somewhere in the SVN repository?