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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Patch for Line Endcap and options dialog bug fix

JLM wrote:
Attached are two patches. The first fixes a wxAssertFail in wxWidgets
2.8. When opening the options dialog, two assertions are triggered. It
appears that wxWidgets 2.8 does not like it when you add a notebook page
to a notebook with an empty image list. This fix simply moves the line
that adds the image to the image list just before adding the notebook
page to the notebook.

I have tested this fix in both wx 2.8 and 2.6. I think this fix should
go into subversion at the same time as the rest of my wx 2.8 changes.

I have applied this - thanks

The second patch adds line endcap styles to the SVG importer. Works the
same as the line join type style patch. This patch was created from
within the filters/SVGFilter directory, so the file names are relative
to that location.

I have not applied this as I know very little about the SVG importer.

JLM - I think all your stuff bar the above patch is now applied; please
could you confirm?