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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Support file pathes

Title: RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Support file pathes
Seems to me we need a general solution here.
We should have high-level functions such as GetUserStoragePath and centralise all the differences between platforms within those functions, to avoid having platform specific conditions throughout the code.
And I would suggest that the different implementations of these functions are switched on the identity of the target platform rather than specific build settings. E.g:
wxString GetUserStoragePath()
    // Work out FreeBSD path
    // Other special cases
    // The general case

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Subject: RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Support file pathes

You're right that some patch of this type is needed, but I thought the supplied patch was a bit blunt (no offence intended). I'd rather get a bigger picture of what is needed before committing to a solution. There are lots of other places where we use simular code and each of these may need to be changed. Also I've had no firm information about now it should be stored on a Mac and would like to be certain that any solution will work well on that platform. Also I would rather like to avoid lots of fiddly flags on the configure command line, if we can get away with just a base directory, that would be better than a base plus one for each other type of support file.


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Luke Hart wrote:
> Where should it be installed?

I think the key point here is that where it is installed
should be determinable at compile time without a patch
to the source code. Hence Vasil's patch.

FreeBSD might one it in one place, and no doubt MartianIX
(or whatever) in another. We should not force these people
to maintain separate code patches.