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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] RE: [XaraXtreme-bugzilla] [Bug 1125] Bevel tool does not work properly on Text


In fact, it appears that this override of IsCompound was present in r714
which was before any of your text handling stuff was added.

Anyone remember the error "LocaliseCommonAttributes called on
non-Compound Node" when doing things with text stories early on in the


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Did you make this change when you were implementing the text handling?
Was it because of the error I mentioned?

Anyone have any idea off-hand why that error goes off in LX and not in
Xtreme when you are simply resizing a text story...?


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------- Additional Comments From gerry@xxxxxxxx  2006-07-04 17:53 BST
This bug is caused by the fact that BaseTextClass has been changed in
to override IsCompound and return TRUE.  This means that no suitable
nodes to 
copy the attributes from are found in OpCreateBevel::ApplyBevelToNode.

Obviously not all text Node classes should be compound but simply
removing the 
override causes all sorts of other things to not work (e.g. errors that 
LocaliseCommonAtttributes is called on a non-compound node).

Presumably this override was added to work around this error (and
others) however this is not the correct way to fix that problem.  There
be some other code that has been changed or PORTNOTEd during the port
caused these problems and that needs to be found and fixed properly.

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