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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text on path indents

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          "Charles Moir" <CharlesM@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In fact wrapping text on a path is not very smart either and I think
> just moves the next line down vertically, when it would be a lot
> better to offset the path perpendicular to the line at the initial
> insertion point.

It does not move the next line down vertically. What it does is to 
move it down perpendicularly from the start of the path. I guess this 
is a hangover from the time when text on path always started at the 
start of the path. There is even a Help file entry describing how to 
add a tiny line segment to the start of the path in order to control 
where the next line goes.

However, does nobody else feel that just offsetting the path for the 
next line does not do the right thing anyway? For anything but the 
most trivial paths it means that the distance between the lines varies 
along the path and in most cases, the text lines even overlap. Should 
we not use the contour code to compute a parallel line at an even