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[XaraXtreme-dev] XCode project - xwOil target

I tried to create a separate target for wxOil and I have some problems:
1. there are a lot of redefinitions (for example MouseOverRuleHit is defined in camview.h and also in scrvw). Is OK to create a new header file and move into this header file all those definitions? 2. have some errors from a CCamCanvas class. I didn't found a definition for this class in my sources, so can anybody tell me what's with that class?
   The errors:
..../source/XaraLX-0.5r1387/wxOil/scrvw.h:174: error: type 'struct CCamCanvas' is not a direct base of 'ScreenView::ScreenCanvas' ..../source/XaraLX-0.5r1387/wxOil/scrvw.h:202: error: cannot convert 'ScreenView::ScreenCanvas*' to 'CCamCanvas*' in return ..../source/XaraLX-0.5r1387/wxOil/scrcamvw.h:161: error: cannot convert 'ScreenCamView::ScreenCamCanvas*' to 'CCamCanvas*' in return