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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Option pages icons


--On 07 July 2006 10:20 +0100 Phil Driscoll <phil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A graphic designer friend has offered to produce a set of icons for
these.  I've sent him screenshots of the options pages and also the
IDD_OPTSTAB png  files from the wxOil/xrc directory.

That's good news.

I'm not sure whether icons are needed for the IDD_OPTSTAB files which
represent pages not currently implimented in XaraLX (plugins,
printlayout,  printgeneral).

Yes they are. The latter two are already in the current development build;
note that the page names are slightly different (Print Layout, and Print
Options if I recall correctly) and you get to them through the "Print
Options" menu option rather than the main options dialog. For the plugins
one, I suggest he looks at the live-effect tool icon (a plug).