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[XaraXtreme-dev] Landscape printing


Should changing the orientation of printing work? I have tried to print the bluecar example, and no matter which orientation I choose the design is clipped either at the bottom or on the left. I have made sure that the design is setup for landscape A4 pages, and the printer driver is also setup the same. When landscape printing is selected it seems that the design is started half-way down the page and is cut-off near the bottom of the left headlight. This may be a mis-configuration on my part, but I can't see where I have gone wrong.

Even portrait doesn't seem to work quite right, since only part of amurdove is printed (vertically from the dove's beak to the cherubs left toes and horizontally from intersection of bow and top of right arm to tip of left wing). This part seems to be lacking a lot of detail, a lot of the cloth that is draped over the cherubs lap is missing.

Finally the "rainbow color fill" fractal in 'fill types simple' is not the correct colors, it's blue, black and white. The top of this design is missing, though this is probably due to it being on a custom sized page.

The printer is taking a long to render these designs (~10-15 minutes for the amurdove and fill types), XaraLX is printing them in ~5 seconds.