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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Landscape printing

What's involved in getting printer margins and things? They are rather
important so you can see what's going to print. And also I think our
smart orientation code relies on this.

Our LaserJet can do PCL and we usually have drivers installed for both
PCL and Postscript and so you should be able to compare directly with
the Windows version against the same printers.


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> Luke,
> >> OK conveniently enough I have exactly the same printer as 
> you, also 
> >> via JetDirect. Mine takes ages to render the PostScript in Windows 
> >> mode too, but prints very quickly using the PCL driver. 
> Are you sure 
> >> when you are printing in Windows you are using the PS driver?
> >>
> >> Alex
> > Hmmm, on Windows the PS driver takes just as long and fails 
> before it 
> > completes amurdove.
> That's pretty much what I see (well I didn't get a file to 
> fail to render, but it took ages). On the other hand if you 
> use the PCL driver on Linux (so Ghostscript renders the 
> Postscript) it seems to work fine. You might try that one out too.
> I thus conclude (apart form the page size problem) I'm 
> producing pretty much the right Postscript (meaning the same 
> as Xtreme), but it's too complex for the LaserJet to handle. 
> Printing to it in PCL mode works because GS rasterizes it. I 
> think it's a memory size issue because I've got the rather 
> mode complex probe to render on both PCL and PS.
> Alex