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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Startup problems due to help


Yes, that should work.


--On 11 July 2006 21:32 +0100 Neil Howe <NeilH@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ok, so I think we've agreed on the following.

- Just 1 root location underneath which xaralx will find all it's

- The root location will be determined by (in this order):-
	An optional preferences file entry
or	Path specified at compile time (configure option)
or 	Relative to the running executable

And if there isn't a location specified in the preferences file, we
write one once the path is determined by one of the other methods.

We'll do this change for 0.6.


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Alex Bligh wrote:
> Luke Hart wrote:
>> Alex Bligh wrote:
>>> I'm not sure that "relative to the executable" is ever going
>>> to work with distros (or indeed in any environment other than with
>>> the installer), but that's OK if you allow the compile-time
>>> We'll just have to remember to tell distro maintainers to set it.
>> It does work if relative the executable means ../shared/......,
>> that's the whole point of binreloc.
> Yes, but it can't be clairvoyant. IE if the distro choses to put
> the executable in /usr/bin/xaralx but the data in
> /usr/shared/resources/xaralx, then it's not going to find it.
> A more realistic example would be /opt installation.
> I suppose I should have said "it's never going to work with distros
> unless the relative path from the executable to the relevant
> resources is guaranteed to be the same as we use to get autopackage
> to work".
> Alex
Yes, you're right it won't work out of the box on a distribution that
doesn't follow the Linux FHS and for these I nearly have a patch that
will allow specification of the resource directory at configure\build
time. I do believe that it will work correctly with an application
/opt (although I am just implying this from how man pages are dealt
with, under /opt/<package>/share/man):

/opt/xara/bin/xaralx      is the application
/opt/xara/share/docs   is the help