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[XaraXtreme-dev] Xara LX 0.6 Released

Xara are pleased to announce the release of another Xara LX update.
Version 0.6 is now available for download from

This has bug fixes and stability improvements and is now the recommended
download.  Most of the functionality of Xara Xtreme is now there, and it
appears pretty reliable and stable.

Recently we've seen users successfully following some of the tutorials
from the XaraXone (where there are years of step-by-step tutorials for
beginners and advanced users alike, tips, examples artwork and more).
See www.xaraxone.com

The main improvements since 0.5 are as follows:-

* Initial support for printing.

* Rulers now working. The hotkey for toggling rulers on and off is
Ctrl+L. (L as in "ruLer"), or use the Windows, Bars, Ruler menu option.

* Guide line creation/editing (to add a guide line just drag off the

* The color editor is now resizable and now has all the advanced
working, including the 'eye-dropper' tool that allows colors to be
sampled from anywhere on screen. 

* Profile editing now works in feather, blend, transparency and fill

* Line gallery now working

* New sizer based options dialog (so better support for translations).
It's layout still needs to be improved further however to make it more

* Many bug-fixes since the 0.5 release and improved stability

There's still more work to do before we'll reach the 1.0 milestone,
which will be the first official 'finished' version of Xara LX. See this
page of the web site for details of the main remaining areas that need
attention http://www.xaraxtreme.org/content/view/122/34/. 

And of course if you're a developer and you want to help us get to 1.0
quicker, please get in touch as we always need more help.

Thanks and Regards,

The Xara Team