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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text formatting enhancements

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          "Charles Moir" <CharlesM@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The focus issue is a pain (where it takes focus when clicking on the
> ruler, so you have to click back in the document to do anything
> further).

Yes - hopefully, that should be easy to fix.

> I will test some more and provide feedback later.  I notice a few things
> straight away that are different to the Windows version, which may well
> be existing bugs in the text tool rather than related to the new stuff.
> E.g. Ctrl-A doesn't work (select all) and Esc neither (select text
> object), and triple click (select line) don't work.
> Also Ctrl-L selects Rulers, in Xara Windows version it selects the
> whole line (when in text tool). Also Ctrl-W. So it seems a number of
> text key short-cuts are not working.
> (It's annoying that Ctrl-L is used by the text tool as that's also
> used for rulers, so perhaps you've disabled this in the text tool?)

As far as I can see that has always been the case in the XaraLX text 
tool. I have not changed anything regarding text tool short-cuts.

After a quick look it seems that the whole special key handling for 
Ctrl + alphabetic keys in the text tool is not working. 
Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V/Ctrl-X work because they are handled using the global 
hotkey system.

The character tests done in TextTool::HandleSpecialStoryKeys have been 
converted incorrectly, so they never match - they test for upper case 
letters but Ctrl-W is reported as Ctrl + lowercase w by wxWidgets.


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>> Subject: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text formatting enhancements
>> The text tool now supports left, right, centre and decimal tab stops.
>> To create a tab character in text, simply press the Tab key.
>> While a text object is selected or the cursor is in a text
>> object the page ruler (enabled by pressing Ctrl-L) displays
>> the text ruler with the tab stops that apply to the current
>> paragraph. The formatting width (i.e., unbounded for
>> non-wrapping text lines) of the current text object is
>> highlighted in white on the ruler.
>> The "current tab stop type" button to the left of the origin
>> shows the currently selected tab stop type. By clicking on
>> the button you can cycle through the four available tab stop
>> types. Clicking within the highlighted area on the ruler
>> creates a tab stop of the currently selected type. You can
>> move existing tab stops simply by dragging them somewhere
>> else on the ruler (the mouse pointer used during dragging
>> will eventually be the tab stop graphic). You can delete tab
>> stops by dragging them off the ruler. Any changes to the
>> ruler are applied to the selection (i.e., the selected text
>> or text objects) or to the paragraph the cursor is in if no
>> text is selected.
>> The default text ruler attribute is empty, but there are
>> always implicit tab stops at equidistant positions beyond the
>> last user-created tab stop. These are shown on the tab ruler, too.
>> Decimal tab stops align to the decimal point character as
>> defined in the current locale. The decimal point character is
>> stored in the tab stop, so files display the same even when
>> moved between locales.
>> Known limitations:
>>    - In addition to the tab stops, the text ruler also shows
>>      markers for the left/right margin and the first line indent.
>>      These cannot be dragged yet.
>>    - Clicking on the ruler steals the keyboard focus from the
>>      document view, so after editing the ruler, you have to click
>>      in the text to put the focus back before you can continue
>>      typing.
>>    - EPS export for tabs is not implemented yet.
>> Apart from these limitations, the implementation is supposed
>> to be stable, so if you find anything wrong, please file a bug report.
>> Martin