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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] ImageMagick

> The ImageMagick stuff is ready for testing as of
> r1475.
> * The image format selector looks a bit stupid. Ideas?

This is all about to change with the work Luke is doing. We agreed that
the bitmap type selector would be in the export dialog, so you can
switch the type while playing with the settings. So I guess this will
just be 1 (rather large) popup list on the dialog.

Or perhaps, since the list is so long, it would be better to have a
separate "Bitmap Types" tab on the dialog, which has a scrollable list

We should probably exclude some of the types that don't work well or
aren't useful. I tried SVG (presumably just exports a bitmap wrapped in
SVG?). I didn't get the export dialog appearing after selecting the
filename and clicking Save. It seemed to do the export at that point,
but the resulting file was empty. Is this really a useful option anyway?

For those that don't see the bugzilla emails, there are some new
problems introduced by these changes which Alex is looking at.