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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Filter IDs (was Re: FW: [Bug 1294] New: Problems with "save as" in version 1475)

Gerry Iles wrote:
Indeed.  This would actually be preferable as it also needs to remember
plugin filters and they may be uninstalled between runs of the program.
At least if the name is stored we can default to a sensible choice (e.g.
the default) if the relevant filter doesn't actually exist rather than
some random filter (presumably the next one in the list).

We do store some filter related things in the Xar data (export hint
record, export options for slicing, etc).  I don't think these store the
internal filter ID but there is a chance they might.

Well if we do, they are (I think) broken for plug-in filters anyway,

Given the plug-in filters effectively mean we /already/ have dynamic
filter ID's, it sounds like we already have a dynamic system.

How are you assigning filter IDs in the plug-in filter system, Gerry?
I'll need that to change (I can provide a Filter::GetUniqueFilterID()
call or something, or they can just to CamResource::GetResourceID on
the filter name).