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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] ImageMagick


* The above decisions are based on some UI guidelines that they
   now seem to be sticking to pretty rigidly (because before, noone
   was sticking to any guidelines), even though quite a few people
   think they are wrong, or (in my opinion) just don't cover some
   common use-cases (like "Save As").

I don't think you're suggesting otherwise, but just in case please note
that we don't want any export types appearing on our File, Save As type
list. They should only be accessible via Export, not Save As.

No I wasn't suggesting otherwise. Just GIMP and OOw call it

Ok. One option then is that we ask someone to update wxWidgets to give
us these options on the save dialog. We have someone who was interested
in doing the popup slider work (which is already being done by Mart) so
perhaps this is a job for them? Or maybe it's too small - are we talking
just a few hours work or a few days?

I'd say about 1.5-2 days work, and a bit more than that if you wanted
them to do (say) a preview interface as well which is closely related.

For bitmaps, if Luke goes the way he plans to go, then I seem
to remember we have an "export as bitmap" menu option (right?)
which then allows the choice of the filter from within the
enhanced bitmap export options dialog (is that right?). So
the "save as" dialog would then only have a single type in
(the type selected) and would not need the above. Am I on
track here?

Yes. Except Luke has now said that hooking menu options under File,
Export to the filters is not easy and therefore can't be done in time
for 0.7. So we'll have to live with what we have for 0.7. Luke is now
looking at adding a preview into the current export dialog. Initially
you won't be able to change the export type while on the dialog. We'll
add that later.

Note that I've already contributed a patch (not applied yet) to
wxWidgets to do a preview for import. It has the relevant gtk
hooks to make this work. If someone is reengineering wxFileDialog
to make (say) wxCamFileDialog which supports the above expander,
then they might as well add preview at the same time. Ideally
some virtual function passing the name of the file and some
dimensions, and returning a wxImage.

My work so far is at:

This would be a good piece of work for someone with a wxWidgets

Sandro will be sending us a partially working SVG import filter very
soon. So please can you disable ImageMagick SVG import and export so
that we don't get a clash with Sandros plug-in filters (he'll be doing
export later).


PDF loading is useful. Is PDF saving (as a PDF with a bitmap
in) useful (for instance) while we have no bitmap exporter? Is
EPS saving useful?

Leave everything else in until we've done some testing and decide which
we want to keep. I expect Charles will give us a list of those he wants
in for 0.7.