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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Bitmap export options

In summary: Dialog B as you refer to is deprecated. It's a legacy subset
of the current export dialog. It provides no features or benefits that
are not done better in the modern export dialog.

The new (after 0.7) export process is
* User decides he wants to export as a bitmap. Select 'Export as bitmap'
* User plays with various sizes, palette AND file types form the export
dialog. There are two previews and so they can compare any two
combinations including comparing say PNG against JPEG.
* This gives live preview of all exports types than can be previewed.
Show 'no preview available' for types than can't be previewed.
* This dialog is meant to give a very clear indication as to whether the
Left or Right preview is the active one, so it's mean to be obvious
which one will be exported when they click the Export button.
* They will now be asked a filename using standard Save dialog (they
have already decided the type).

This process is far more logical. It avoids the utterly, utterly mad
filetype selection of GTK. It means they can preview the export without
having to enter a filename first (really annoys me that).