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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Bitmap export options

> However the following are still unclear to me:
> * Is the file type that they chose the the one of the left or the
>    one on the right (there are two combo boxes in Xtreme)?

It's whichever is the active or 'current' preview. As I say one is meant
to be obviously the active side. It's not really obvious enough in my

> * Does the file type list now list ALL available types (not just
>    the previewable ones) (I think Neil answered that one "yes")?

> * Am I correct that there will be no need for chosing the file
>    type (again) in the following standard save box, because as
>    you've said they've already selected the type. So the box
>    can say "Export as JPEG" (or whatever), and thus won't suffer
>    from the lunatic sized file-format menu.