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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Popup slider

Charles Moir wrote:
I've not seen it yet, but I'd agree some sort of border sounds necessary
and probably should be a 0.7 fix. Another common way of separating
pop-ups like this is to give them a shadow. Apple do this of course
everywhere. But I don't know what determines whether this can be done on
Linux? I've have seen some distros do this, but my Ubuntu (quite old
now) does not.  Or can it be made to? Or can we do this on a dialog by
dialog basis? (Requires transparency handling on the desktop presumably)

It has a shadow if you have a compositor that adds shadows to every
window. I have a video of it working on metacity like that.

However, we can't rely on that (obviously). Adding a border
is pretty easy.

I've also found some nasty (camelot kernel) bug, where if the feather
slider moves from A to B, it's drawn at B, then we update it to back
to A, then to B, then to B again (causing jumpiness). It's
proving hard to debug.