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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Pop-up slider - more

Phil Driscoll wrote:
On Wednesday 26 July 2006 01:41, Charles Moir wrote:
I'm not in front of a Linux machine right now, but they have pop-up
volume control from the task bar (panel). So I click to pop this up, I
can adjust the value (and the pop-up does not go away, so I can adjust
it some more). But if I now click another window or just click in this
text to do some typing that works as I'd expect. Does that not work on
It works for me in KDE/SuSE 10.1 - the first click outide the volume popup (kmix) causes the popup to disappear and the click also performs its expected action (i.e. the click is not lost).

It looks like it is a GTK thing. I've tried on several GTK apps
dismissing a menu and a combo box and invariably the click is lost.
All wxWidgets apps, firefox, all the gnome apps, seem to work the
same. IE same result as Mart.

It doesn't surprise me KDE works differently - on KDE all click handling
is different (single clicks to open directories in finders, for

Given we are a GTK app, the menus work that way too, as to the combo
boxes. If only for internal consistency, I don't think we should try
and change this behaviour for a single control. Given the amount
of work and disgustingness it involves (delving deep down into X11)
I think it's pretty low-return too. If it's a real must-have to fix
this, IMHO the time would be better invested fixing the popup ups
in GTK as a whole, so no click was absorbed /ever/ dismissing a popup,
and persuading them to take this as a patch, activated by some sort
of style flag. Having one type of combo do one thing, and one do another
(along with menus) is not a good result.

As I said before, I think this will be an irrelevance when Mart finishes
Mac mode, because all sane people will use this instead.