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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Current/default font

Er, so as I understand it, Alex and me came agreed with your (Neil)
original proposal (and I thought what we all agreed around the table),
and now you agree with Martin's new proposal instead.
Er, I'm confused.



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	Yes I think Martin's right that we shouldn't change the default
font. So please go ahead and change the current font only and then this
can be closed I think. It's changing the current font that will solve
the main problem here.





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	I can't recall the exact ins and outs of the debate now, but I
do know this was discussed around the table here with the Phil, Alex,
Gerry etc (one of the few times we were physically in the same location)
and that Neil's suggested solution (i.e. 1st message in the bug report)
was the preferred conclusion at the time.
	This still stops the Arial missing message appearing (except
when it's used and really missing). So is there a downside with this
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	Martin Wuerthner wrote:
	> I would finally like to fix the default/current font issue for
the 0.7
	> release. See http://bugzilla.xara.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1111
	> Are there any objections to the strategy described there?
Changing the
	> current font to whatever the host system thinks is closest to
	> would finally stop "Arial (missing)" from being shown
initially in the
	> text tool on systems without Arial. Charles, ISTR that when I
	> suggested this change a long time ago you were not too happy
with it
	> and even thought it was even a good thing for users to see the
	> missing" font name?
	> The consequences of the current font being different from the
	> font are that even when the user never changes font and just
	> and types, each text object will get its own typeface
	> stating the font that is used - which is a good thing because
	> document might later be loaded on a different machine that has
	> Arial and the font used in the document, and then, we
certainly do
	> want the same font to be used that was used when creating the
	> document.
	Yes. I prefer the strategy described by Neil in the original bug