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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Current/default font

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          "Gerry Iles" <GerryI@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> [good summary snipped]
> The issue here seems to be that if the current font attribute in a
> document is not installed, whether we can change it to one that is
> installed.

Not quite. Nobody objects to changing the current attribute (though 
below, you give an example where this might not be desired). The 
question this is all about is whether the default font attribute in 
the tree should be changed.

>  There should be no danger whatsoever in changing the current
> attributes to ones that make sense for the user's machine.  The only
> issue I can really come up with is if someone creates a template for a
> specific purpose that has the current font set to something explicit, if
> the current font is silently changed because you don't have the correct
> one installed then text you create will not be in the "correct" font.

Well, if someone creates a template for his own use and specifically 
sets a certain current font and really cares about what this current 
font is, then would you not expect that person to use a font that is 
actually installed? And if he moves the template to a different 
machine and continues using it there and sees a different font come up 
when he selects the text tool, what is the problem? Either he will not 
care, or he will thing "hang on, I wanted the current font after 
loading the document to be XYZ", at which point he will try to select 
it from the font menu and realize that the font is not installed on 
this machine. So, I do not see a possible case where this will lead to 
user dissatisfaction or the user thinking that the program is wrong.

And even if it did, the advantages of changing the current font are so 
tremendous that would easily outweigh even more important 
disadvantages than this rather exotic scenario.


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> Neil Howe wrote:
>> Ok - specific question Phil. Is the default font saved in a document
> or
>> not? I'm surprised if it's not saved, but that's what Martin is
> saying.
>> If the default font is saved, we can safely change both as originally
>> decided. If it isn't saved we should only change the current font.
> No that's not the right question. The default attribute doesn't need
> to be saved. What we need to be sure of is that any text node saved
> always has AN attribute attached when saved. If so, we don't care
> what the default attribute is, as it won't influence rendering.
> Alex