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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Current/default font

Hi Martin,

Here's my test file - it has one face attribute applied to the whole
story so it would be interesting to know why you got one attribute per


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> > I carried out the single-text-story-times-new-roman test 
> before I made 
> > that assertion, viewing the resulting file in our Debug file format 
> > viewer dialog.
> > 
> > (Using my local Xtreme 3.0 development version.)
> You are right, Phil. My observation was wrong. Sorry for 
> causing confusion. With the test I performed I did indeed end 
> up with a text story without a font attribute and a text line 
> without a font attribute, but I forgot to look further down. 
> It now turns out that each text character has its own copy of 
> the font attribute.
> The reason why the font attribute is there is the simple fact 
> that no font you ever choose from the menu can be identical 
> to the default
> font: The latter has font handle 0 whereas if you choose 
> Times New Roman from the menu, it gets a new font handle and 
> is therefore considered different from the default font.
> This idiosyncrasy is not a problem and may make our life 
> easier because it stops things from going wrong even if we 
> decided to change the default font attribute. It also means 
> that it is immaterial what the default font attribute in the 
> document says because it is never consulted (unless in the 
> case where some attribute application code goes wrong and we 
> end up with a text line that has never been subject to any 
> "apply attribute" operation, which should not happen).
> So, due to this technicality (may it be deliberate or not) my 
> reasoning does not apply to the default font. It still 
> applies to each and every other default attribute.
> Martin

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