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[XaraXtreme-dev] Further direction/Roadmap


following the development of the LX version closely and being a xara user since Corel Xara 1.1, i was wondering if there was some kind of Roadmap describing the future path of the Linux/BSD/UNIXish and MacOSX Version in respect to the windows version once the 1.0 release is reched. Will they evolve together? Will it be possible to compile the source version on windows as well? Will there be commercial offerings of the Linux/Mac Versions inclunding the non-free parts currently in Windows Xtreme? What about versioning? Somebody mentioned an Xtreme 3.0 tree earlier today. Will it be multi-pages per document and including the text formatting/margin code included in LX? I think this is one of the 2 things keeping Xtreme from being a killer application. The other being a not-so-perfect support for pre-press work and CMYK, although this is constantly improving.

I just wish i could support this effort better than trying out a build once a day and looking for bugs to report! :-). Keep up the work on this amazing product!

Sincerely, Th. Göttgens