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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] ImageMagick import DPI

Alex Bligh wrote:

I have checked in a version of the ImageMagick code
which supports SetImportDPI(). It is harmless on
filters that don't use it. You should thus be
able to use this to fix previews of PDFs etc.

If we were being really smart, we could call
CanDoImportDPI() on import, and pop up a box.
This would enable PDF's to be read at any
resolution (I default to screen resolution
right now). I don't know how bitmap import
options are meant to work though.

Note the CanDoTransparent(), CanDoInterlace()
and CanDoAlpha() calls which determine whether
the mask, interlace, and alpha work on each
format. I am not convinced I have all these
right in the definitions of each filter, but
these are easy to change in the header


Although I've checked in my side of this, I wonder if it would have been better if you had added a virtual to a base class. So I wouldn't have to test whether the options are for ImageMagick or not before calling it. I certainly can see that it would be useful for other vector type files which we only support as bitmap imports.