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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Bugzilla suggestion

> How about making newly reported bugs P3 by default, not P2.
> It's otherwise impossible to "upgrade" the importance of a
> bug without making it a P1, which tends to mean "release
> blocker", so you are left trying to downgrade all the
> others, of which there are a lot as people inevitably
> don't prioritize all their bugs on filing.

I think it's better if they come in as P2 and then get downgraded to P3
on review if they're not worth P2 status. The list of P2s gets reviewed
much more often than the list of P3s, so if bugs creep in as P3 there's
a danger that they won't be noticed. 

At busy times we may not review a new bug as soon as it is logged. By
defaulting it to P2 it will be noticed and reviewed sooner than if it
was a P3.