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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Build server

Alex Bligh wrote:
The 00:00 build finished at 02:30 (approx). That's 2.5 hours.
Luke started a build at 08:39 which finished at 13:05. That's 4.5 hours.

I take it the difference is the older (and apparently less buggy) C

But 4.5 hours is a daft amount of time to spend building something
I can build here in 2.5 minutes, especially when we want to know
whether or not a change has fixed something close to a release.

I don't know whether the build server is still having memory shortage
problems or whether this is still the "no pre-compiled headers"
problems. Is there anything we can do about it? (post 0.7)

Alternatively, are the build server scripts available? I'm thinking
I may have a server in a data centre which could do a gcc 4.x

The problem is partly the fact that we need to use GCC-3.3.6 in order to get compatibility with most distributions possible (i.e. no pre-compiled headers). The build server itself is a reasonable machine now (2.5Ghz de-celeron with 512Mb memory).

The 4.5 build time includes copying executables to various external locations and we've be suffering a bandwidth drought whilst mail-shots are sent out.