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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Bug With Typefaces

> Okay, the problem I reported on the forum seems to have been fixed in
> r1615, but wasn't in r1614. The bug reported in #1365 wasn't the issue
> was addressing. After Alex reported it I could repeat it by doing
> exacting as he indicated, but not now. Lots of fixes in place, yes,
> the Bevel artifact one. All clean now.
> Thanks for all the quick support in fixing things as they show up.
> work on fleshing out the LX version.

That's good news.

I see that Alex and Martin have closed bug 1365 too
(bugzilla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wasn't on the bug's cc list so nobody else
would have seen this).

So I think that means we don't have any new outstanding text issues that
could hold up the release. Please email the list if you think otherwise.