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[XaraXtreme-dev] UNICODE problems in cxfrec [Fwd: [XaraXtreme-commits] Commit Complete]


There are a couple of other occurrences of this in the same file.
I am loathe to fix them as they are to do with saving. The
WriteASCII one looks particuarly dodgy. Can writing just the
low byte of a TCHAR be right?

More worryingly:

$ Scripts/all.sh | xargs egrep -n "if(n)?def +UNICODE"
Kernel/cxfile.cpp:1019:#ifdef UNICODE
Kernel/cxfile.cpp:1147:#ifdef UNICODE
Kernel/cxfile.cpp:1205:#ifdef UNICODE
wxOil/basestr.h:900:#ifdef UNICODE
wxOil/camnet.cpp:2173:#ifdef UNICODE
wxOil/helpuser.cpp:140:#ifdef UNICODE
wxOil/prdlgctl.cpp:185:#ifdef UNICODE
wxOil/registry.cpp:133:#ifdef UNICODE

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Commit by  : luke
Repository : xara
Revision   : 1616
Date       : Mon Jul 31 10:15:20 BST 2006

Changed paths:
   M /Trunk/XaraLX/Kernel/cxfrec.cpp

Fix that should go a long way towards fixing BZ #1355

Index: Trunk/XaraLX/Kernel/cxfrec.cpp
--- Trunk/XaraLX/Kernel/cxfrec.cpp	(revision 1615)
+++ Trunk/XaraLX/Kernel/cxfrec.cpp	(revision 1616)
@@ -1631,7 +1631,7 @@
 BOOL CXaraFileRecord::ReadUTF16STR(StringVar* pvstr, UINT32 MaxChars)
-#ifdef UNICODE
+#ifdef _UNICODE
 	BOOL ok = TRUE;
 	WCHAR c = 0;


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