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[XaraXtreme-dev] new function / coding solution ?

    XaraLX is the best there is, and it's improving with every release !

    Now, to the problem I'm having with Xara.  My drawings almost
always involve the same post processing operations, and I'm wondering
if XaraLX may possibly have room to add another function which would
do all this automatically as a single function click ?

   This is a routine I consider many XaraLX users would find useful...
we could call it "matrix colorize"... it would render "hot" all the areas
described inside any matrix of drawn lines in XaraLX, so these areas
can be colorized individually and quickly by just clicking the color editor
(another terrific feature of XaraLX).

    Alternately, I'll ask if there are plans to include any type of
user-defined  Macro /or/  Plugin capabilities to the XaraLX program ?
Either of those would solve my problem equally as well, if you wouldn't
consider a "matrix colorization" function something useful enough to
include in the main program (I, again, use this virtually every time I
work with XaraLX).

    One way or the other, I would greatly appreciate any way to ease the
burden of entering the same Five step / Fifteen Mouse Click / Keystrokes
needed to render my finished line drawings colorizable.
    These steps are, again, all standard menu items that need to be
located and clicked to coax the process along (I have this written out
at home, and will gladly bring the list tomorrow if you're interested)...
entering manually is very time consuming, and although this sequence
works correctly each time, there is considerable chance for error, owing to
the long string of commands required - thus my inquiry as to a possible
coding solution !
    So, what would you developer types say... better to write this function
into XaraLX ?  Some kind of Macro or Plugin maybe ?

    Hoping the developer list is the best place to inquire about this.

    Regards / a happy XaraLX user