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[XaraXtreme-dev] SVG import

The latest build on the web site includes an early, incomplete version of a new SVG import filter. This is being developed by Sandro Sigala.


Currently you can’t use File, Open to open an SVG file. That will be added later as the filter becomes more complete. Use File, import for now instead.


I’ve tried a few simple test files through it such as the famous SVG tiger design and it seems to work well.


Sandro – can you email this list please with a brief overview of what works and what doesn’t in the current version. Let us know when you reach the stage where you’d like bug reports on specific areas and we will submit bugs into bugzilla under the new “SVGimport” category of the Xara LX project.


One issue I notice is that designs seem to be imported above and to the right of the current view. So if you are ‘zoomed to page’ and you import SVG it appears somewhere to the right of and above the page, almost out of view. Whereas if you import a PNG (for example) it appears in the middle of the view. Gerry – do you think this a problem with the filter or with Xara LX?