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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] 0.7

> #1291 "Xara LX should register itself as the default hander for..."
>        This now appears to be down to a (possible) absence of an
>        icon for file types, though one seems to have been added
>        as an attachment. Gids has suggested how to install it, but
>        it seems noone has done the autopackage work (alternatively
>        someone hasn't updated the bug). Who's looking at this?

I will later today.

> #1396 "Need mechanism of viewing svn repository over the web"
>        I filed this one, and Neil made it P1. It's vital for
>        tracking package bugs into upstream, but is arguably not
>        a release blocker. Arguably though it's shouldn't be
>        hard to do. I think this is on Graeme's plate.

Yes, this is assigned to Graeme.

> #1416 "Imported data appears at wrong location".
>        This is SVGFilter putting things at the wrong location, is
>        assigned to Sandro though there was some suggestion it might
>        be Gerry's problem.

Waiting for Sandro to fix or to confirm it's Gerry's problem. Sandro?

> #1421 "Options pane scrolls (icons hidden)". We need to identify
>        what revision this went wrong on. I identified some code that
>        may be suspect last night (see the bug) - whilst it's difficult
>        to revert without breaking other stuff, testing the two
>        either side of the change would be very helpful. However, I
>        don't have access to archived revisions.

Gids, can you use the old archives on the downloads server to try and
narrow this down please.

> #1425 "SVG Filter appears not to be installing right from autopackage"
>        (I just filed this one). As per TalkGraphics, this doesn't seem
>        to be installing right. This would seem to be autopackage

I'm surprised at this. I'll ask a few questions on the forum. It seems
to be fine to me. Does anyone else on this list have problems finding
the import SVG feature?

> So that would appear to be 2 autopackage issues, one filter system
> issue, one wxWidgets/dialog manager issue, and one development
> environment issue.
> I'm sort of reluctant to go playing with other stuff (fixing P3s
> etc.) which risk breaking things (not that I have a huge
> amount of time). So do we have a plan on how these 5 might be
> addressed so we can get 0.7 out the door? If someone can narrow
> down the version #1421 broke, I will commit to get that fixed
> (somehow). I can't contribute much to autopackage stuff, or
> the SVN viewer issue.

Yes, we need to keep 0.7 stable until we release.