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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Mac Developer


Today I managed to add and compile all the necessary files into the
XaraLX XCode project.
Now I'm struggling with the linking errors.

All of them are similar to this one:

/workxara/XaraLX/build/Development/libwxXtra.a(sizer.o) malformed object,
illegal reference for -dynamic code (reference to a coalesced section
(__TEXT,__textcoal_nt) from section (__TEXT,__eh_frame) relocation entry

I'm guessing that this is a widgets error (all the malformed objects are
wxwidgets objects) , caused by the "wrong" building of the wxWidgets.
I built wxWidgets library using the XCode project made by Phil.
So Phil, can you please tell me, if you succeed to use anywhere the
library that you got from building the project with XCode.

Also if anyone knows how to solve this type of error, any help will be

You should not need to use "the XCode project made by Phil" to build
wxWidgets. wxWidgets makes contains (or makes, I forget which) its
own XCode projects, made by the bakefile system. Obviously if wxWidgets
has updated since Phil made his XCode project, his file may have stopped

What I suggest you do is build wxWidgets (changing only the postscript
setup) using their standard procedure, then try out some of the
"samples" files. As I understand it, they come with their own XCode
projects too.

As to what, specifically, the linker error is, I am not sure. It almost
looks like it's a "static library can't reference dynamic linked code"