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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xara finally dead?

Jose Hevia wrote:
Thanks, Alex, for the encouraging note. Pray, that time becomes
available. You and Jose make a good team, I sense it. <grin>

He, he, I'm sorry to say there is no team. I just downloaded Xara
source and started playing alone with it. I spend two weeks of my
time, then left, I thought I could do that, but not. By experience I
know is way simpler to make something simple that evolve into complex,
than the complex thing at once.

So if you create an engine, and then program over there is easy, for
the engine creator/s.

E.g I have made my own convex polygon render engine. It is ultra-fast,
I now can paint handstrokes, create panoramas, with less effort and
faster than using any engine, for me, but the people I have shown
parts of the code have felt it ultra-complex to understand.

Gosh, sorry about using your name when I meant Jonas Diemer. I have no opinion regarding your render program.

Hopefully next time I'll get it right.