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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: ROX / XaraLX

> [ Using Zero Install to run Xara ]
> > Your bz2 binary package seems to work already without modification
> > (tested on Debian/stable and Debian/unstable).
> Except for the 'Help -> Xara Xtreme Help...' feature, which just opens
> http://www.xaralx.org/ in a web-browser. Is this expected? I see there
> is a xaralxHelp.tar.gz inside the main tar.bz2. Should it be using
> this? Why is there a compressed-archive-within-a-compressed-archive?
> If this is supposed to be extracted during the install then that makes
> things a bit tricky (Zero Install has no install-time scripts, as
> installation must be side-effect free). Storing it uncompressed inside
> the main archive would make things simpler.

The help is included as an archive in the autopackage and unpacked at
install time because including the thousands of help files separately
made autopackage run too slowly. And the tar archive is currently just
the same structure as the autopackage. There's no reason why it needs to
be in the same structure so we can change that. Can you do this on the
build server please Luke (that is, make the tar archive contain the help
files unpacked)?

Does zeroinstall do anything about file type registration, installation
into the application menu, icon registration, etc. like autopackage
does? Presumably not.